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Selling CUTCO Was 'Life-Altering Experience'

As a Vector sales rep Jenny Lee developed the business insight that helped her create a successful career in finance and beyond.

All along her career path, she's relied on the sales, managerial and entrepreneurial skills she learned selling CUTCO.

"Because of my Vector experience I stood out as a candidate when I was interviewing."

"I was offered more jobs than most of my graduating classmates," Jenny, an associate at Glocap, said. "Plus, the experience inspired me to continue being an entrepreneur."

Apart from her regular job, Jenny started and runs a successful New York based event planning company. What set the Columbia University alum apart was the fact that at 19 she managed a Vector branch office. Being a branch manager allowed her business opportunities usually reserved for people of twice her age and experience. Working as a sales rep and branch manager, Jenny developed maturity, confidence and presentation skills, all of which she said she lacked before getting into the business. She also learned to sell, negotiate leases, create an office budget, conduct interviews, manage people and build teams. Certainly she was challenged by the job but Jenny said it was worth every bit of energy spent.

"Because of my Vector experience I stood out as a candidate when I was interviewing. I was offered more jobs than most of my graduating classmates."
- Jenny Lee

"The Vector experience will challenge you out of your normal boundaries," she said. "These are all skills you will always use over your lifetime." Though the potential of making good money at Vector initially got her attention, selling CUTCO offered more than a paycheck. It was a life-altering experience that Jenny plans to pass along to her children. She said she's going to encourage them to sell CUTCO so they may realize their potential just as she did. "I approach everything so much more positively. I know that as long as I persevere and stick to a goal I can accomplish it," she said.


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