CUTCO Cutlery's history is steeped in tradition and founded on the fine craftsmanship of early settlers to Western New York and Northern Pennsylvania. The company, located along the Allegheny foothills in Olean, N.Y., can trace its roots back to skilled cutlers who settled in the area after immigrating from England's famous Sheffield cutlery industry in the late 1800s.

CUTCO's Early Beginnings

CUTCO Cutlery was introduced in 1948 as a new product for Wear-Ever Aluminum, a subsidiary of ALCOA. The name of the new cutlery line was derived from a company once owned by Wear-Ever, the Cooking UTensil COmpany - CUTCO.

ALCOA sought the expertise of the finest cutlery manufacturers in the U.S. at the time, Case Cutlery in Bradford, Pa., to manufacture the new cutlery line. It was a joint venture that created a new ALCOA company called Alcas Cutlery (AL of ALCOA and the CAS from Case). The new Alcas Cutlery factory in Olean, N.Y. was completed in 1949 and the first set of cutlery was shipped to New Kensington, Pa. that same year.

  • 1952 The ergonomically-designed "hand-perfect" Wedge-Lock handle is added to CUTCO cutlery, ensuring a comfortable, no-slip grip
  • 1960 The exclusive Double-D® stay-sharp recessed edge is added to appropriate CUTCO items
  • 1972 ALCOA purchases Case Cutlery's share of Alcas. Alcas becomes wholly-owned by ALCOA. An improved Universal Wedge-Lock handle is added to CUTCO products
  • 1982 Alcas management team purchases the company from ALCOA in a management buyout
  • 1985 Alcas acquires Vector Marketing Corp. establishing it as Alcas' wholly-owned CUTCO marketing subsidiary in the U.S.
  • 1990 Vector Marketing expands into Canada
  • 1996 Alcas acquires KA-BAR Knives, Inc.
  • 2001 CUTCO opens a Visitors Center next to its corporate headquarters
  • 2004 Alcas acquires Schilling Forge Inc. in Syracuse, N.Y., a small supplier of forgings for products like CUTCO's Super Shears.
  • 2005 CUTCO unveils its online Gift Registry
  • 2009 The Alcas Corporation name is changed to CUTCO Corporation as the company marks its 60th anniversary