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  • 9" Utility Pan & Cover

9" Utility Pan & Cover

Item # 798

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Sized to handle an array of different foods and preparation techniques, including braising, pan frying, browning and more.

The 5-ply construction consists of an outer and inner layer of highly polished stainless steel encasing an inner core of three layers of aluminum, one of the best heat conducting materials for even temperature distribution.

  • Stay-cool handles & knobs
    Easy to grasp, with special non-slip texture.
  • 5-Ply construction
    Highly polished stainless steel on the outside and inside, encases an inner core made up of three layers of aluminum – a top heat-conducting material – for even temperature distribution.
  • Induction capable
    Pieces ordered after March 2010 are suitable for use on induction cooktops.
  • Guaranteed Forever
    Like all CUTCO products, the 9" Utility Pan & Cover is guaranteed forever.

Caution: Placing warm lids on surfaces can cause a vacuum seal as cooling occurs. The suction created as the lid cools may damage ceramic cook tops and other surfaces.

  • American Flag Made in America
  • Depth2"
  • Weight3.8 pounds
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Low-Moisture Method: only add water or liquid if the food being cooked does not contain enough moisture of its own such as when preparing eggs. Water is necessary for preparing soups, dry cereals, rice and pasta. Cover pan, except in cases where foods require constant stirring such as gravies and puddings. Cook on medium heat until steam escapes, then reduce to low heat. Do not peek - Lift lid as little as possible to avoid steam escaping.

Fry eggs; sautéing and heating sauces and gravies.