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  • High Dome Dutch Oven Cover

High Dome Dutch Oven Cover

Item # 796

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Use with either the 11-1/2" Skillet or the Dutch Oven Bottom.

Allows you to steam larger quantities of corn on the cob by standing cobs upright. The 5-ply construction consists of an outer and inner layer of highly polished stainless steel encasing an inner core of three layers of aluminum, one of the best heat conducting materials for even temperature distribution.

  • Stay-cool handles & knobs
    Easy to grasp, with special non-slip texture.
  • Guaranteed Forever
    Like all CUTCO products, the High Dome Dutch Oven Cover is guaranteed forever.

Caution: Placing warm lids on surfaces can cause a vacuum seal as cooling occurs. The suction created as the lid cools may damage ceramic cook tops and other surfaces.

4.9/5 Stars

Best Brisket Ever

“This cookware will make you look like a champ when cooking beef brisket, low and slow. I used the high dome lid and the condensation fell right back on the meat. It made a believer out of my wife.”

Dewey in NE

  • American Flag Made in America
  • Width4"
  • Width10-1/2" inside
  • Weight2.9 pounds
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