Designed with gently sloped sides for even cooking and presentation of eggs, crepes, sautéed foods and more. Can be put into the oven to keep food warm.

The 5-ply construction consists of an outer and inner layer of highly polished stainless steel encasing an inner core of three layers of aluminum, one of the best heat conducting materials for even temperature distribution.

  • 5-Ply construction
    Highly polished stainless steel on the outside and inside, encases an inner core made up of three layers of aluminum – a top heat-conducting material – for even temperature distribution.
  • Induction capable
    Pieces ordered after March 2010 are suitable for use on induction cooktops.
  • Guaranteed Forever
    Like all CUTCO products, the 8-1/2" Gourmet Fry Pan is guaranteed forever.

Caution: Placing warm lids on surfaces can cause a vacuum seal as cooling occurs. The suction created as the lid cools may damage ceramic cook tops and other surfaces.

4.9/5 Stars

Love My Frying Pan

“I bought the small & large frying pans a few years ago and they are my go to pans for everything. I never put the heat above medium on my gas cooktop and my sunnyside eggs come out perfect every time. I only need to spray a small amount of cooking spray and no sticking. Clean up is a breeze using Bartenders Friend that was manufacturer suggested.”