Powerful yet precise. Hefty yet maneuverable. Well balanced and sharp.

CUTCO's Chef's knife comes in two sizes to suit your taste. This French version and a Petite version.

  • Ergonomic handle
    Universal fit for large or small, left or right hands. Thumb and forefinger lock into place for safety and control. Fatigue-resistant design.
  • Ultra sharp straight edge
    CUTCO's razor-sharp, straight-edge knives can be maintained and sharpened at home.
  • Full tang
    Blade extends full length of the handle for extra strength and balance.
  • FREE sharpening
    With CUTCO's Forever Guarantee, we will sharpen, hone, buff, repair and if necessary replace your CUTCO knives and accessories for FREE. No receipt is required.
  • Guaranteed Forever
    Like all CUTCO products, the 9-1/4" French Chef is guaranteed forever.
5/5 Stars

Simply WOW

“I have owned several knives and have NEVER had the quality like these! The knives first of all are made here in the USA and have a lifetime warranty no matter what. When I first was out of high school (88) I got a job with Cutco and sold the knives to friends and family. I still have the knives I started with over 20 years ago and when you see them side by side with my currents knives, you cant tell the difference.”

Twilight in Long Beach, CA