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Can Opener

Item # 1506

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It's can-tastic!

The Can Opener’s sharp cutting blade makes it easy to puncture through lids and its gear-driven mechanism ensures a firm attachment to cans for smooth operation. Once lid is completely cut away, the strong, built-in magnet grabs tightly to the lid for no-touch removal.

  • Magnetic lid lifter
    Grabs tightly to the lid for no-touch removal.
  • Comfort-grip handle
    Soft, comfortable handle is easy to hold.
  • Guaranteed Forever
    Like all CUTCO products, the Can Opener is guaranteed forever.
  • Cutting blade material4116 high-carbon, stainless steel
  • Handle materialGlass reinforced polypropylene covered with thermoplastic elastomer
  • Overall length7-3/4"
  • Weight8.3 oz
  • Country of originMade in China
At CUTCO, we stand behind our products with a FOREVER satisfaction guarantee. We want every CUTCO customer to be a satisfied customer FOREVER. The guarantee has several important elements.

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Use to remove lids from cans of all sizes - from small paste cans to large institutional cans.

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