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  • Garlic Press

Garlic Press

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Search no more for the perfect Garlic Press.

Our feature-packed press has an extra large hopper to press more garlic at once and a built-in cleaner for quick cleanup. one-piece construction means no missing parts.

  • Extra-large hopper
    Holds more than one clove at a time.
  • Comfort-grip handle
    Soft, comfortable handle is easy to hold.
  • Guaranteed Forever
    Like all CUTCO products, the Garlic Press is guaranteed forever.
5.0/5 Stars

Having Fun Wth My Garlic Press!

“I am amazed. The “barrel” holds any size, and at times more than I can press. Cleaning is a snap ... no more soaking, a quick press with the attached cleaning tool, then with my fingers scraping out the residue ... a bit of soap and rinse and over to the drain basket.”

Karen in TX

  • Hopper materialChrome-Plated Zinc Castings
  • Handle materialThermoplastic Elastomer
  • Overall Length7-1/8"
  • Weight11.1 oz. (315g)
  • Country of originMade in China
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Use peeled garlic cloves (up to 3). Press garlic through holes then flip top handle over to clean out remaining garlic.

Press garlic, lemon, black olives, ginger, marzipan & shallots.