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Doctor Attributes Relationship-Building Skills To His Vector Experience

Dr. Terry Smith believes that an important part of his medical training happened while he was selling CUTCO as a teen. In fact, it's the combination of medical school and sales that laid the groundwork for the strong patient relationships he builds today.

"Selling CUTCO taught me how to develop rapport with strangers and has helped me as a physician," he said.

Once patients feel comfortable with him, Terry builds trust and they, in turn, embrace his treatment plans.

He learned those relationship-building skills selling knives to people in their homes. A large part of a Vector rep's job is to listen to customers' needs and concerns, then explain the benefits of owning CUTCO, he said.

Helping people has been a dream of Terry's since he can remember. Today he does that as a doctor but he also realized it selling CUTCO.

"I loved selling CUTCO, especially closing the sale. That's when I was making a difference in their lives by selling them something they would use for years and years, " he said.

Selling CUTCO Terry developed integrity as he learned to listen to and understand people. His Vector experience continues to play a key role in his medical practice today.

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