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"I just wanted to let you know how your products have helped me in my home building company. I've given CUTCO knife sets as business gifts for many years. CUTCO is always recognized as a sophisticated gift and is appreciated by every one of my clients who receives it."Ivan Yoder
Ivan Yoder Builders, LLC
"My marketing communications firm helps other companies communicate with their customers. You and your team have helped me communicate with mine. With CUTCO knives, you've helped me identify the best 'You're Valued' or 'Thanks so much'."Sue Grabowski, President
Grabowski & Company
"The knives are really one of the most unique gifts we've ever found. Our employees were delighted with the knife sets, as were our customers. I would highly recommend any CUTCO product."Eli Wengerd
Alpine Cabinets
"Many thanks for your prompt and efficient follow-up in handling our employee gifts. Your company offers a very beautiful product line (with an excellent guarantee). Thank you for your remarkable service!"Bryan J. Schrock
Schrocks' Of Walnut Creek and Hiland Wood Products
"I know the value and importance my employees place on the family. And, since I started a recognition program using CUTCO products, I've found that I not only make my employees happy, but their wives are very happy as well. Thank you for your quality products and service."Dwain Schlabach
Mt. Eaton Pallet Ltd.
"We are pleased to offer employees, business associates, family and friends such a superior product as a gift. It's become our company's way of saying 'thanks for a job well done'. For a true cutting edge, 'Go CUTCO!'"Marty Troyer
Scenic Wood Products
"I have personally used CUTCO products for many years and am very pleased that I can share the experience with employees and customers of A&R Builders. Through a gift reward program for employees, we've helped them to build a complete set of CUTCO knives, several pieces at a time. That's why CUTCO is appreciated by just about everyone-because there's always a need for one more great knife in the kitchen. Thank you for all your wonderful suggestions for business gifts."Erma Yoder
A&R Builders Ltd.

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